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At Moon Valley Nurseries we pride ourselves on providing all of our customers with the absolute best customer service, the biggest and best selection of trees and plants, and grower direct low prices. We know there are a lot of places you can find reviews online about where to go for all of your landscaping needs. Instead of jumping around online to numerous sites, we’ve decided to pull all of our reviews from various review sites into one location. The Moon Valley Nursery review site contains real-life reviews that can be found on all major review sites, including those that have been filtered from specific location feeds for one reason or another. We look forward to providing you with the same great service and product that have made many of the folks below very happy. Enjoy the reviews and remember…for the best trees on Earth, go straight to the Moon!

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My family and I were SO happy with how Moon Nursery made our house look!  Our house was so bland looking–just rocks–and it was so boring.  David came out from Moon Nursery and listened to my ideas (because I really didn’t know what I wanted).  But as David listened to my concerns, he suggested Chinese Elm trees for the side of our house because it is totally exposed to the sun–and the heat.  My mom loves fig trees and David was able to find the Black Mission Fig Tree that my mom really wanted and Brandon, the supervisor, was able to install the fig tree for us.  I liked that David listened to what I wanted and came in with suggestions and helped keep us within our budget.  Brandon kept me in the loop with all the work and his driver Jimmy, was very polite.  All the men working on our property worked so hard, even though it was the first day of June and over 100 degrees outside.
Moon Nursery helped me to change my house from a boring, bland landscape, to a cheerful, clean, and unique front yard and backyard.  Our house is now perfect for entertaining and comfortable for our pets!—Yelp Review

Recently, Moon Valley Nurseries helped beautify the landscaping of a local homeless youth agency. A special thanks to Dan the Man who worked very closely with my coworker in making this possible! I know that there was a lot of work that went into it. And it looks so beautiful!

A big thank you for allowing our homeless youth to enjoy a beautiful landscape and also teaching how to take care of our surroundings. :]—Yelp

Well, we just came to LOOK at trees, but we were steered to the manager special, a greatly reduced large tree. This was a chance for a couple of old folks to have an “instant” tree. They were very knowledgeable and got us a good deal on a second tree as well—Super Pages

This place is our go-to for plants! The selection is awesome and it’s hard to not scoop everything! Everything we have planted thrives in the heat and makes it through the winter. The staff is helpful and knowledgeable. Can’t wait to buy a big box tree this fall!—Super Pages

I just received the BEST SERVICE EVER from Moon Valley Nursery!! Karissa went out of her way and beyond to even send pictures and videos of ideas for our small purchase. The employees spent a considerable amount of time to give us the most personalized attention and suggestions. I would never go anywhere else after this experience and will recommend them to everyone I know. Thank you!—Powered by Google

I had such a great experience at Moon Valley Nurseries and would highly recommend the store.
Mike greeted me as soon as I walking into the store. Mike was friendly and knowledgeable. He took the time to help me find exactly what products were best for my gardening project. He recommended the soil I should use and even helped me pick out what seeds would be best to plant this time of year since I was unsure of what I wanted to plant. The store had many other customers who were shopping as well and Mike did a great job of assisting me and not making me feel rushed.

Thanks again Moon Valley!—Yelp Review

Moon Valley’s Plant World Nursery is a definite asset to the Las Vegas Valley!

We stopped by the nursery today to check out their selection of citrus trees for a possible new edition to our backyard. We were pleasantly surprised as far selection goes. They had rows and rows of lemon trees ranging from Meyer (most common) , to Lisbon, Ponderosa and Eurekas. To be honest, I never knew there were that many different types of lemons! The price obviously varies based on the age of tree. The ranges are from brand new, to 3-4 yrs old, and all the way up to 11-14 yrs old ALL with fruit already!


We were so fortunate to meet with Judy a very friendly and extremely knowledgeable staff member. She took the time to answer all of our questions as far as maintenance goes. This was so helpful to us, because myself nor my husband, have ever had a lemon or an orange tree, let alone trying to maintain one in the desert! Her customer care was exceptional and appreciated by all of us.

Our decision to purchase a Meyer Lemon Tree plus a Arizona Sweet Orange Tree is based on first and foremost, our wants and needs. The customer service from Judy really made it that much more enjoyable for us, if you get a chance ask for her. Planting is FREE right now and the delivery charge is reasonable.

The whole nursery is huge with ALL kinds of beautiful trees and plant life to choose from. A must see to believe!

The Cockatoo’s and other beautiful birds were quite a treat as well!!

I’m so excited to get our new trees delivered and planted in our backyard. The colors from the fresh fruit and greenery will be a refreshing change of scenery for us. We will finally have fresh fruit and from our own trees!! YAY!!

This was my family’s first experience at this nursery, but certainly will not be our last!

I highly, highly recommend Moon Valley Nurseries!! Enjoy!!! :)—Yelp Review

Kudos to Dan “The Plant Man” Goldstein. My wife and I came in for 2 pots and had some questions about redoing our yard. Even though we will only need a few plants, Dan showed us around and answered every question we had. He even loaded the 2 pots into our car. (my back really thanks you, Dan!!!)
We’ll be back soon to buy the tree and plants from him also—Yelp Review

Such great service! They were all very cheerful, informative, pleasant and helpful. We will be back, we really love this nursery! Thanks—Super Pages

The staff are very patient, very knowledgeable and very helpful. In addition to helping me select some plants and a pot, they offered to come out to my home and help me develop a plan for my yard – on that I could implement over time. They were also sensitive to budget limitations and really listened—Super Pages